Politics Check-Up

I have avoided politics for only a few days now, yet I keep being dragged back into it. Everyone wants to argue (not debate) about borders and Donald Trump. I am not going to talk about politics, I just want to talk about peace.


What is happiness? How do you obtain it? Ask yourself, “am I happy?” If arguing about politics and Donald Trump is the first thing to pop in your mind, then you probably are not that happy. I invite you to take a break and think about what is actually important to you. Politics are important to this country, but it is not everything. I am pretty sure that politics are not included in Heaven. (who knows?)

I am a republican and conservative. I am allowed to say that. I do not care if you are a liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, muslim, christian, buddhist, male, female, or even a dog. All I want is for this country to survive, and for everyone to find happiness within it.


This country is amazing and I see that the world is catching up. I hope the whole world can experience the freedoms that we have in the United States of America.



One thought on “Politics Check-Up

  1. Love the quote by John Lennon, and I think that you have grasped the bigger issue going on here. Donald Trump is just a symptom of a larger problem that needs to be discussed – that of globalisation and peace.


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