Financial Freedom

Money. Everyone has to deal with it, and everyone views and treats it differently. What if I told you that financial problems are self inflicted? Would you believe me? What if I told you that financial problems are due to a wrong MIND SET? Then would you believe me? I want to introduce you to a book that will change your life. It is called RICH DAD, POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki.

Click the photo to get a copy!

This is the book that changed it all for me. I realized that I needed to change my mind set, and my game plan. I would not settle for a life of poverty. I decided that I would not even settle for a life in the middle class. This book will help you realize that the lower and middle classes are stuck in their ways and are wasting their time. People are rich for a reason. They do not just inherit billions and billions of dollars. They work hard for their wealth, but not in a 9 to 5 job. This book will teach you about owning a business, investing, real estate, and passive income.

This book is not a GET RICH QUICK scheme. It is an educational book that will take you out of your current mind set, and help you see the beautiful horizon of FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I HIGHLY suggest this book AND all of the other books that Robert T. Kiyosaki has written (especially MIDAS TOUCH, by Robert T. Kiyosaki and DONALD TRUMP) I have read them all. Want a copy? Click on the books below!

-Riley Hoogendoorn



11 thoughts on “Financial Freedom

  1. You are so sweet to knit up those fingerless gloves; I love the colors you are using. Do you know of a good (meaning easy) pattern to use for a three almost four year-old?You should knit yourself a pair. I just finished my first and see more on the horizon.Loving those illustrations in that book.xo,ang (peach coglo)


  2. The book “Rich dad, poor dad” is the best book which I ever read in my whole life! It changed my life and totally changed my view of life, how to life your life fully and doing what you want every day, and not doing what other people want, every day. I highly recomment this book to all those who want to live with financial freedom and enjoy life!

    You can find the book here :
    You won’t regret it! 😀


  3. KirsiV: Lotta tykkää aikuisista miehistä tosi paljon, mutta pojat on jotenkin nyt aliarvostettuja! 😀 Se varmaan auttoi siellä puistossa se Mirkku, sehän oli kuitenkin "tuttu", Lotan mittakaavassa ainakin, koska se muistelee edelleen, miten käytiin siellä puistossa leikkimässä "Miijan" kanssa kun ajellaan sen Mannerheimin puiston ohi. 😀


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