Trump Immigration

The world erupted as President Trump issued the order to detain all refugees coming from the Middle East. Crowds gathered in protest in local airports and even the streets. Why such an outburst against immigration? Is the USA not a target of terrorist groups spread across the Middle East and the rest of the world? In this blog post I wish to clarify some points FOR and AGAINST the recent immigration struggle.


“We Are All Immigrants,” read a sign being held by a protester at the John F. Kennedy International Airport. Other signs read, “Resist,” “Disobey,” and “Let them in.” The crowds gathered at these airports obviously have a resisting-spirit to them. The laws are being challenged. Are we not all as citizens expected to uphold and obey the law? Without law, there is chaos and anarchy. Then again, if the people do not challenge and push law, the government begins to overwhelm and take over. Yet in this situation, I believe that the immigration/deportation executive order is perfectly understandable. Our country has been at war and has been a target of the Middle East for nearly a decade. We need to take precautions in letting people roam freely across our country. I feel that a stricter interview and background check should take place before allowing a refugee to enter America. I do believe in helping refugees and anyone who needs help, so given the current situation, there needs to be some form of background analysis to determine who is an ally and who is an enemy.

The terrorist threat we face in America is real. Did it just vanish overnight? No. Are people still being killed by bombings connected to terrorist cells? Yes. This is the reason President Trump has given such an urgent order, to protect our country and citizens. It may seem inhumane, mean, or even despicable, but our country needs to maintain its security.


What would you do in this situation if you were the president of the United States of America? If I was the president, I would allow all refugees to enter and be taken care of, BUT… I would pay close attention to any suspicious activities. I would rather be safe than sorry. I hope that President Trump can find a more realistic way to allow refugees to inhabit our country. It is true that our country is built on immigrants, and that our country is a “melting pot,” this is our culture. Our culture is a mixed one, we cannot claim that our culture is more than 300 years old, but that is what is so amazing about America, we are new. We are revolutionary. A country as revolutionary as ours is bound to take risks, and also be the target of older countries who are not as developed.

We must help all refugees, and also help our country.

-Riley Hoogendoorn

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4 thoughts on “Trump Immigration

  1. Help all refugees? No!! Unless help involves sending them back and encouraging and assisting them to achieve a better way of life in their own country. Lift them up to our level, don’t bring us down to their level. Those seeking a global tyranny held by a few want to destroy what our country has stood for; they want to destroy our strength and the principles on which we stand.

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  2. YOU – and people like you are the ones that want to “destroy our strength and the principles on which we stand.” And when did YOUR family immigrate? How about THEIR ethnic and religious backgrounds?

    Don’t you see? The people that have historically come here came with an idea that they could make their lives better. What does that mean? It means that there was something going on in their country that was dangerous or holding them back. People flee from strife and run towards a better life – and that’s what I’m betting YOUR people did.

    So don’t punish people that are earnestly trying to make their situation better. It’s been said a million times this month – but it bears repeating, “You are more likely to be hit by lightening, than to be a terror victim.”

    Please consider this the next time your “anger” compels you to post on a public board for all to see. Your level of commitment to your opinion is evident in the fact that you don’t apply your name and hid behind a gibberish pseudonym. I’ll proudly sign my name.


    1. I will say no more than that my family came here to make this country more than it was, not to tear it down to fulfil the Agenda 21/2030 dreams of the Globalists. Your family probably did also.


  3. Riley Hoogendoorn commented on Ancestry’s CEO, Tim Sullivan’s Message Concerning the Recent Restrictions on Immigration.
    ‘Whoa bro lol go rant somewhere else’

    LOL What r u? Some kind of Hipster joke? at least I have something important to say – poseur.


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