Life as a Platypus

You wake up in a small Australian river, you swim to the shore and waddle up to safety. You take a look around and notice that no one is around. You are utterly alone. Off in the distance you see something scurrying into a bush. You realize it is a snake. Your hair stands up on your furry neck, your otter feet begin to dig into the dirt, your duck bill quivers and you can feel the venom building up in your poison duct. What are you? You are a Platypus.

You decide to avoid the fight and you run back into the water and swim towards your nest using your powerful beaver tail. You dive deep into the abyss hoping your camouflaged fur hides you. As you dive down, you glance to your side and see a shiny looking fish. You quickly react and snap your duck bill at it. The fish is instantly paralyzed from your venom, and you eat a delicious fishy snack.

You find your way back to your nest, safe at last. Why are you alone? Where are the others? Well, I will tell you. They are dead. The Platypus is an endangered species. Most of them have been killed for their fur and other random features. The Platypus is only native in Australia. This makes it more difficult to preserve them in other locations. Will the world be negatively affected if extinction of the Platypus occurs? I really do not know. All I know is that I don’t want them to go extinct any time soon.



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