Top 3 Endangered Animals

Your Favorite Animals, Close to Extinction.

     Some animals are closer to extinction than others. I have made a list of the top 3 endangered animals that the world actually cares about, and are currently taking action to preserve.


     This is one of the most iconic and recognizable animal on the endangered species list. Tigers were once very common across Asia and the Middle East, but have lost 93% of their population within 100 years due to poaching. It seems as if every zoo and circus owns at least one Tiger, so it would seem that they are not going extinct! I believe that this is the reason WHY they are going extinct. Tigers are no longer viewed as wild animals, but as entertainment. 


Black Rhino 

     The black rhino is actually grey. These animals are native to eastern and southern Africa. Black Rhinos are targeted by poachers for ivory (their horn). The West Black Rhino has been declared extinct in 2011, this is one of three sub-species of Black Rhino in Africa. This shows how close they truly are to disappearing forever.


Giant Panda

     Giant Panda translates to “big bear cat” in Chinese. Pandas are native to south central China. There are now approximately 1,800+ Giant Pandas  in Asia, so they are now declared “not endangered”. Don’t think for a second that this species is not IN DANGER though. Their numbers have risen in the last 10 years due to constant preservation efforts of charities in both China and the United States, but are in constant danger from poachers and people wanting their own pet panda (which I want as well…).


     I know that we do not run into these animals on a daily basis, so not everyone can go out everyday and try to save some pandas, but preserving animals can be shown through action AND mindset. Actions can be donating and word-of-mouth, mindset can be posting something on social media about endangered species, or being on the constant prowl for poaching activities. Unless you want to lose these animals, DO YOUR PART!!!

-Riley Hoogendoorn


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