Cure for Anxiety

About 12 years ago when I was living in Tucson, Arizona, my mom came up to me and my brothers and said, “There are bull dog puppies for sale in the news paper, we are going to go look at them later today.” She emphasized the word “LOOK”, but we already knew what that really meant was going to happen. We pulled up into the drive way of an old, rundown mobile home. We walked to the front yard and noticed an upside-down little swimming pool that was propped up on one side. The moment we noticed it, a pack of pit bull puppies came running up to greet us. We began to pet them and see which one we wanted. All of the puppies were hyper and kept biting our fingers. While examining the puppies, one came up to us from the back of the pack, and just stared at us as if she was saying, “take me home!!!”. We picked her up, payed the owner $100, and were on our way.


We decided to name her KD (like, “Caitie”). She is the most protective, sweetest, and smartest dog that I have ever known. She turned out to actually be a Pit Bull/ Labrador Retriever mix. An amazing thing happened though, I realized that I did not ever experience anxiety while I was with her. I had always suspected that pets help with anxiety, but I did not know to what extent. Dogs are never judging, hateful, or spiteful but always happy and forgiving. With these characteristics in mind, I realized that there is no room for negativity or anxiety of any kind while with a dog. Anxiety is worry, and worry is based off of negative experiences. So if you eliminate negativity, you can also reduce anxiety! This is my theory on dogs relating to anxiety.

So to anyone who is thinking about adopting a puppy, I highly recommend it. KD is now 12 years old, and we have experienced a life time of adventures together. I will tell you all about these adventures in future blog posts, but this is all for now.

This is KD.


-Riley Hoogendoorn


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