Top 3 Dog Myths

Top 3 Dog Myths

I worked with animals for a long time, and I have came across hundreds of commonly believed myths about dogs. Does a dry nose mean my dog is sick? Aren’t dog’s mouths cleaner than humans? Don’t dogs only see in black and white? For my first blog ever, I wish to clear up some of these myths.

A dry nose means a dog is sick. False.

A dog’s nose does not directly relate to whether he is sick or not. A dog’s nose is expected to be dry when he wakes up, digs a hole in the dirt, or even when going on a walk. This myth is from the Distemper Virus which was very common a while ago. A dog with distemper might have a dry nose, but this does not mean that dogs that have dry noses are sick.


A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth. False.

A dog’s mouth is definitely dirtier than yours. A dog’s mouth is full of bacteria, most of this bacteria is dog-specific (meaning it is for the benefit of the dog). A lot of this bacteria is from its environment, the floor, the toilet, the backyard, etc. So do not play-it-cool if your dog accidentally licks you in the mouth. Automatically assume that your dog just transferred millions of nasty germs and particles to you in one foul swoop.


Dogs are color blind. Kind of false.

Have you ever noticed that dog parks and dog training parks are in blue and yellow? This is because these are the 2 colors that dogs can most easily see. Their retinas (color processing part of the eye ball) are stimulated and process the colors yellow and blue. They are blind to other colors, but they are not actually “color blind,” just “color absent.”



One thought on “Top 3 Dog Myths

  1. My baby bro did this for a science experiment when we were younger. Because he classically waited until the last minute mom wanted it to look like it had been weeks so made me and my boyfriend drink milk before taking the swabs, which then of course did indeed make my mouth look far worse than the dogs. Better believe my baby bro took that opportunity to plaster my headshot beside that grimy nasty result up on his science board. 😉


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